A recognized leader in the specialized staffing industry.


Do you need Food Service or Medical experience to succeed as an All Team franchisee?

No. Our franchisees come from diverse backgrounds. Some have food service or medical experience, but others have backgrounds in sales, others business ownership, or have worked for All Team corporate. If you have a strong desire to become your own boss and operate your own business alongside the ability to select and manage professional personnel, you have a very strong foundation. Our franchise system includes assistance with hiring and training your staff as well.

How much can I expect to earn?

We are not allowed by the Federal Trade Commission to make any earnings claims and therefore cannot make any commitments. Your earnings capability for any business or franchise will depend on various factors – primarily the amount of time and energy you spend in your business, and federal and state regulations affecting the industry. Naturally, as in any business venture, there is no guarantee of your success or earnings capability. We do however give you complete access to our franchise network to determine their success and they can share any information they choose.

What support is available after we are up and running?

Your office is linked directly to our corporate servers via the internet, and allows you to have direct online support from our Management Information department and our accounting and tax staff.

We take your franchise very seriously, and realize that you have your own money invested; we want to do everything possible to make you successful. We will have periodic visits to your office to assist you in everything from marketing to general management.

What kind of training will we receive as a new franchisee?

Training starts day 1 upon your visit with us. With you we determine where you may need additional training. For example, if you have never owned your own business we will plan additional training around business ownership and responsibilities.

We are available at all times during your decision making process to answer your questions. If you do purchase a franchise market we will plan for a two-week training program for you and your new manager both here at our corporate office and in two of our field offices, one of which will be another franchised market.

Before your office is opened we will start a marketing direct mail program to our national accounts and to local and regional accounts in your market.

We then provide an opening team for opening day and will stay there for up to one week to ensure a smooth start-up. One member of this team will be a sales manager to make sales calls to clients to get the cash register ringing.

Am I given territorial protection for my franchise?

Yes. You will be awarded an exclusive All Team franchise area under the terms of your agreement. We will provide more detail about the territory and the market for staffing services and management placement as you move through the franchise discovery process.

What will I need financially to qualify for the award of an All Team franchise?

If you use the All Team Funding program, an investment in an All Team franchise for food service and healthcare support staffing may cost less than you think. The franchise fee of $40,000 and the start- up costs are approximately $125,000 depending how you structure your office and your market area. This includes minimum cash in the bank of $15,000.00 for your operating cost.

What benefits can an All Team Franchise offer that differ from other service industry franchises?

Most franchise networks offer one industry niche. With All Team you gain access to and support for all divisions and services including: Managed Services, Managed Staffing, Project Hiring, Recruiting & Staffing, Healthcare Support Services, Labor & Light Industrial, Food Service & Hospitality, and Administrative & Clerical..

All Team offers a strong marketing support system along with contracted national accounts that you become part of with your franchise. Additionally, our back office support system takes the headaches out of payroll administration, taxes, and client invoicing. As a result, your office can better focus on sales and operations.

The staffing business is a cash intensive business in that we pay weekly but receive invoice payments normally in 30–45 days. All Team’s franchise funding program available to franchisees allows you to maintain positive cash flows from your payroll expense.

A recognized leader in the specialized staffing industry.