A recognized leader in the specialized staffing industry.

Steps to Ownership

Many people have the desire or dream of owning their own business. Statistically the failure rate of new businesses can be discouraging. However, here’s some great news: the success rate is greatly improved using a successful franchise model!

Not all types of businesses fit within each individual’s comfort level, and it’s important to realize this – not only for your success, but for your happiness as well.

The franchise selection process is one of the most crucial parts of buying into a franchise business system, and we aren’t going to tell you that All Team is the right franchise for you – you need to be the one to determine that.

Each of the areas below need to be explored and in all cases you should seek advice from your accounting and legal professionals before entering into any agreements. You should make sure:

The industry or franchise type is within your comfort level
You have gotten references from current franchisees and in some cases past franchisees
That you have the physical capabilities to perform the responsibility of the franchise
If you haven’t owned your own business that the franchisor has some basic business training available. This is not intended to be in place of the services of your own CPA.
That there is a very good chance that you will enjoy this business type

In addition, check out the reputation of the franchisor. Do they do what they say they will do? Do you like the franchise’s staff and management? You must feel confident that they will provide support in whatever area you need it in. You should in addition to getting references from current franchisor’s franchisees speak candidly with the franchisor’s corporate staff.

If you’ve researched All Team and believe you’d benefit from a relationship with us, we’d love to hear from you! You can visit our Available Markets page to see if the market in which you reside or the market of interest is available or you can visit our Request for Consideration page to immediately send in your information.

If your request for consideration is approved, then it’s time to meet!

A recognized leader in the specialized staffing industry.