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Our Success Stories
All Team Franchise Corp has had many success stories over our 20+ year history. Our first franchise office was opened in 1992, in Kansas City, MO. Over the next few years, this office grew into a multi-million dollar operation and our first success story was born.

Success in any capacity rarely presents itself without commitment, passion and some good old fashioned hard work. We invite you to enjoy some of our success stories below.

Kansas City, MO
From Carl Santoro, Multiple Franchise Owner…

Bill Timmons of All Team Staffing, Inc. contacted me from an ad response. We met on a job interview in the fall of 1992 in a hotel in Overland Park, KS. I had previous management experience with Houlihan’s and Tippin’s Pie and Pantry. At that time I had been involved in a start-up company called Saucemasters Gourmet Foods, and while I had expanded the company, I lacked a clear career path.

It appeared that I was over-qualified for most jobs in Kansas City. Since I had an office going unused in KC Bill mentioned a possible opportunity with his company. We agreed to meet for breakfast where he presented an opportunity for a joint venture with All Team and an office in Kansas City. I would supply the office and All Team would supply the training and cash flow for the business opportunity.

The following Monday, I went to St. Louis to start my training program. After one week in St. Louis with the phone ringing off the hook I realized that I had found my calling. The new office opened with Bill on-site the first week and continued to grow from there.

In 1996 The Company became legal to franchise and I then signed a franchise agreement for KC. As KC continued to grow I bought the franchise rights to Minneapolis, MN and have operated that office alongside KC since 1998. I also was involved in a joint venture with All Team in Hollywood, Florida and later in Miami.

Florida & Michigan
Renee LaFauci, Multiple Franchise Owner

Renee LaFauci is not only a busy mom and athlete; she’s a smart, accomplished business woman and one of the best decisions she feels she’s ever made was to become an All Team franchise owner.

Renee purchased her first franchise location in Tampa, Florida in July of 2010. As the first location grew, so did her dreams of expansion. Renee went on to purchase two more locations, one in Orlando, Florida in March of 2011 and another in Detroit, Michigan in November of 2011.

While speaking with Renee we asked her to share with us what she believes are some of the key elements to her multi-location successes. She was happy to share her thoughts with us!

From Renee:

I first spoke with the CEO of All Team, where I quickly learned of companies’ needs for an employment solution and how the All Team franchises are designed to meet those needs. Key components are:

1) Major contracts are already in place with some of the largest companies in America and overseas. This infuses significant projects to each of the franchise locations.
2) Seasonal employment bursts occur which help fuel incoming business. The staffing industry is almost recession-proof with these bursts, in combination with annual placements.
3) Training, training, training…each aspect of the franchise business is explained, from a macro view down to the day to day aspects of the business.
4) Last but not least, back office support is available for any ongoing questions that may arise before opening day, on opening day, and continuing well after start-up.”

Today Renee is married with four children and considers her All Team fellow franchisors, her staff and the placements as an extension of her family. She calls on the other franchisees to share thoughts and experiences and they work together to make all locations successful. Most importantly, at the end of the day she goes home feeling good about the fact that she has found jobs for individuals who are in need of work. The return on investment at her first location occurred within eight months and with each expansion, Renee enjoys knowing that the business she is building today is ready for her children to take over in the future. It’s a win-win for everyone!

A recognized leader in the specialized staffing industry.