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Training & Support

Expert Help… When and Where You Need It
Support for franchisees begins on day one with the initial interview between a prospective franchisee and an All Team Franchise Corporation representative. At this time we will determine with you what training you may need beyond the operational and marketing portion of the business. If you have owned and operated your own business before, you may not necessarily need to go through an extensive training program to review finances and best accounting practices.

If you haven’t owned and operated your own business you may need some training, which All Team will happily provide. It’s important to note that the finance and accounting-related portion of the training is not conducted in place of having your own certified public account (CPA).

You and your manager will attend a two week training program on how to operate a successful All Team Franchise. One of those two weeks will be in at least two of our field offices; one of which will be a franchise and one our corporate headquarters. You will be issued a “Confidential Operations Manual.”
You will also be required to use our “Temps Plus” software program that has been modified and maintained by All Team’s MIS staff. This can either be purchased outright by you or leased to you by All Team.
While in training you will be exposed to our back office support system and Funding program; it is required for the first three years of operation so you are free to concentrate on growing your business.. This includes processing your temporary and office staff payrolls, processing all payroll taxes and paying on your behalf, invoicing the clients, accounts receivable and collection process. The funding program allows for All Team to buy your invoices as soon as they are generated which should give you positive cash flow throughout your first year.

The Opening of Your Franchise
Prior to your opening, there will be a direct mail program and marketing efforts aimed at national accounts located in your new market. Additionally, we will begin marketing to a list of hospitals in your area by conducting a direct mail and a phone call campaign to inform them of your new location and services.
When your new office is open we will provide an opening team on-site at your location for the first week to assist with the start-up. This includes the interviewing of employees and execution of new client contacts. The opening team will remain available via telephone for support after the first week until you are comfortable with operating your own business.

Ongoing Support
During your first 90 days you will receive another multi-day visit to make sure you are getting the best possible results from your new business.

Additionally, we have annual Franchise Meetings where you will meet other franchisees and exchange ideas. You’ll continually get updated on current events and opportunities at All Team for years to come.

A recognized leader in the specialized staffing industry.